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Customer Reviews

Please note that the following reviews are from Sorely Kneaded's old online scheduling service. Dating back from 2005 - 2015, they include my old name Deborah and my old business name The Green Room Massage Therapy in California.  You can  see recent reviews  from Google, Yelp and at my online booking site MassageBook [ HERE ]

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What my clients say is extremely important to my business. Without their satisfaction, I would not have it. That’s why Sorely Kneaded is so invested in making sure that my clients are happy with all of the services I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.


“Deborah really [ knows ] what she’s doing. I have had numerous massages from her over the years, and have never been disappointed. She listens to what you need, and is just a great therapist. I didn't even know what trigger point therapy was until I met her, and it changed my life. I was in so much muscle pain, and Deborah made me see that it can be helped naturally. Not only that, she has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and she is an awesome person too. I have had dozens of massages elsewhere, but nobody comes close to her.”   Maria R 7/16/2009

Customer Reviews


Deborah finds out what is going on with my body and then goes about fixing it. She recommends a hot bath soaking in Epsom Salts to help sooth the body since she has to do the deep tissue to work out my pains. Today I am feeling fine - no pain in my neck, no pain in my lower back all because Deborah worked so hard on my two days ago. Now it my turn to take better care of myself and get back to see Deborah before my body gets into such bad shape! When I go to Deborah, I feel like I’ve made an appointment with my doctor, as her hands and her knowledge of the body heal me! I’m so glad I found her! "

 Priscilla Y 10/23/2009

My favorite in the Bay Area

"When I used to live in the Bay Area, Deborah provided me with weekly massage, and if it weren't for that, I wouldn't’t have been able to continue working ( deep tissue/pressure point/therapeutic massage to relieve back pain and sciatica)/ Were I still in the Bay Area, I’d be increasing that to twice a week. In the meantime, now that I realize that I can book a massage online, I can actually try to arrange my flights and meetings so that I can make time to get a world class ( and I meant that literally, I’ve gotten therapeutic massage on 4 continents and a hand full of islands) therapeutic massage. "   

Stuart S. 10/31/2009

Best Massage Ever

"That’s the bottom line. I’ve been getting massages from various people for over ten years. Deborah is the best. Her therapeutic massage get at the sources of chronic pain and sooth tension you don’t even know you have. And if you’re in pure stress reduction mode, she does a wonderful relaxation massage too. Deborah is also amazingly sensitive to your emotional state and what makes for a good experience. Sometimes we laugh and have a great conversation, but if I”m in the mood to drift and doze, she is very supportive of that as well. In short, fantastic experience, highest recommendation."

Carla T. 6/26/2010

Amazing and graceful

"Once I got my mind re-tethered to my body, my muscles again firing in the appropriate sequences and the stoned grin off my face, I had to face this becoming an expensive but absolutely indispensable part of my health care routine. Cured in one session of deep chronic muscle issue from a body surfing mishap two years ago and other less noted but probably more insidious tensions. Nothing and no one in my experience compares. Amazing and graceful" 

 Robert S. 10/12/2010

Wonderful, Professional Service

"Deborah is extremely professional and knowledgeable about her craft! She absolutely loves her job and you’’’ walk out feeling extremely satisfied with the service that she provides."   

Christina N. 12/29/2010

Best Massage Ever!

"Deb did a great job on my shoulders and my neck! I was able to turn my head again. Thanks! I myself am a massage therapist and am very happy and blessed to finally found Deb!! " Djuka V 9/11/2011

Awesome massage and Service

"Deborah was fantastic! She understood my ailments and was able to relieve my troubles. She was very thorough and explained everything to me before we began. Deborah is very friendly and had a wonderful personality. She made sure I was comfortable and happy. I will definitely return to her for my next massage.  "               Kim B. 11/08/2011

Clinical Deep Tissue/ Trigger Points

"When the therapist can find jacked up muscles that you never even knew were jacked up, you know you’ve come to the right place. Debora truly has a talent for this kind of work. If money weren't  an issue I’d be making appointments daily. It’s one day after the massage and my back had never felt so loose. Truly remarkable! My only wish is that the Green Room's hours weren't during normal business hours :) "

Dave A. 8/25/2010

Well Worth it!

"Deborah first asked how my body was feeling and what kind of massage I wanted. She gave me a wonderful deep tissue massage and explained exactly what she was doing the whole time. My body felt much better afterwards. I would definitely recommend her." Trina L 11/16/2010

Better that I thought it would be

"Deborah definitely knows her stuff. After a discussion about my goals for the massage and were trouble spots might be she began her deep tissue work. She came across several areas of stored tension, and even a spot from an injury years ago that I never really un-knotted. All throughout, she explained what she was doing and why, and left feeling better that I have in quite some time. I already have my next session scheduled."  

Jason G. 6/26/11

Better headache relief than Vicodin! 

"I came to Deborah in desperation before boarding a flight to London that was sure to aggravate a week long headache. Ibuprofen and even vicodin could not kick the headache. Deborah really nows anatomy and pinpointed the exact source of my pain. With a few “vulcan-style” grips, Deborah released the headache and I haven’t had one since! I highly recommend her. "   

Elaine C. 10/08/2011

A Keeper

"Thanks to Deborah, who was referred to me by a hand physical therapist for her precise body work that she provides to her clientele. I loved how she was so warm to me as it was my first massage booking with her. She communicates well with her clients and I’m so relieved that I found her! "   Christine L 11/14/2011

Happy Client!

"I always have great results after seeing Debra. My stress level is very high and her deep tissue massage works great. I do feel good after my appointment. Thanks Debra!" 

Babette F 1/20/2012

Life Changing!

"I found Deborah through Yelp and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been struggling with terrible foot and shoulder pain. Deborah was extremely thorough with the intake forms and made sure she had a very clear understanding of my pain, activity level and daily routine. She told me exactly what she was going to work on and of course warned me [ that ] the trigger point therapy would be painful. I’ve had trigger point and ART before so I knew what I was in for. Deborah varied her pressure and while it was INTENSE, it was incredible effective. I’ve been to many many massage therapists in my life and Deborah was one of the best I’ve ever been to. I will definitely see her again! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today! "

Jennifer P 4/8/2012

One of the Best Massage I’ve had

"Deborah addresses your pain/sore areas, in addition to insuring your body feels great and relaxed. She’s professional yet easy going and is incredibly attentive. I would highly recommend her. "  Ja V 8/19/2012


"Amazing massage from Deborah. She is an incredibly talented therapist who is intuitive and thorough with her bodywork. So happy I found her!! Looking forward to my next one." 

 Stacy W 1/27/2013

The Best!

"Deborah is so caring and warm hearted. I felt welcomed and relaxed as soon as she gave me a big hello and a hug! The massage was AMAZING! I feel like a new person today (day after the massage) and didn’t realize my body was in such need of her touch! Now if only I can get my stubborn husband to go see her. THANKS DEBORAH! "       

  Lauren C. 4/4/2014

I tried Deborah because of the extremely positive review she got on Yelp and all those reviewers were right! She is fantastic…skilled, caring, friendly and really smart. I am getting a massage a month from now on!    

Sandy H. 1/08/2015

Best hour I have spent on me!

Deborah really took care of a few muscle concerns I had and now I feel better that I have in a while. She is smart, friendly and a fantastic masseuse! I will be back!

Sharon H. 8/22/2014

Finally someone that REALLY knows what [ they’re ] doing!

"I have had the fantastic opportunity of growing [ up with ] alternative therapist(s) in my family ( massage, acupuncture, chiropractor ...etc ) and so I have been spoiled! I have learned what’s good and what’s not….Deborah is amazing! She is incredibly in tune with your body and had a gift for finding that ‘problem spop’ an working it out. I have spent a lot of money and had endless massages where I walk away only feeling more relaxed. This time was different! She did her magic for an hour and a half, and when I walked out of her office I could immediate relief from the pain that had been bothering me. Deborah is kind, personable and awesome at what she does. She takes time to understand you, checks in, plays great music. I will be back! Thank You!  "          Jasmine V 1/24/2012

Visiting Palo Alto

"My intention was to get a relaxing massage while I was helping my son’s family with new babies. After talking with Deborah, I decided to let her focus on my tense shoulders with some trigger point work. I get frequent headaches..She found places that I didn’t even know were sore. Throughout the entire massage, Deborah was super attentive to my comfort. In short: good hands, food results & happy attitude...I'll be back! "      Karen W. 7/27/2012


"I've had a lot of massages in my lifetime, and I can confidently say that Deborah is the BEST massage therapist out there. Deborah knows exactly where all your knots are just by looking at your back. It’s incredible! She is extraordinarily strong and knows so many great techniques. I’ve had terrible knots in my back and neck for years, and Deborah was able to fix everything. Not to mention Deborah has such a lovely, colorful and hilarious personality. She’ll ask you what type of music you want to listen to and even offer you hot chocolate and hot tea. Can’t wait for my next massage with her! "     

Andrea L. 12/20/2012

"After months of pain and stiffness in my left shoulder and neck, I decided physical therapy wasn’t enough and opted for my first ever deep tissue and trigger point massage. Every step of the way, from making the initial appointment through the session itself, I found the process with Deborah to be easy, professional, warm and supportive. Her initial consultation with me was thorough and relaxed. Throughout the massage, Deborah asked how I was feeling. When she applied pressure to the trigger points it was definitely intense, sometimes painful, but she helped me breathe through those moments. After the massage she showed me exercises to further help, and gave me a big hug! That night and the next morning - as she had warned - my muscles ached, but later that next day I felt surprisingly pain free! After gardening I even found myself sleeping on my left side  - something I wouldn't have done for months prior due to the pain. I definitely look forward to my next massage with Deborah."  

r.c.n [2013]

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