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Regarding Covid-19

Regarding Covid-19

  • I am Fully Immunized! I completed my final Pfizer shot on 4/21/21.

  • To minimize risk, here is what you can expect for your safety:

  • Windows slightly open at all times, and the room is aired out thoroughly between sessions.

  • Gloved massage. (available upon request)

  • Contact-less payment options.

  • Mask Use Is enforced at all times.

  • Cancellation without penalty. If you are feeling ill, you may cancel at the last minute without a no-show charge.

  • Cell phone stays disinfected ( often used during sessions for educational purposes).

  • Temperature checks

  • I ask everyone to wash their hands upon arrival and when leaving.

  • I request that you cancel if you have any symptoms no matter how small or if you have been out of the country or around someone who has been out of the country in the past 14 days. 

  • I am taking precautions still, by limiting exposure to anyone outside of the office, frequent hand washing, wearing masks, temperature checks, and cancelling patients if I show any symptoms no matter how small.  

  • Please know I continue to take extensive cleaning measures before, during and after each client including cleaning all equipment, door knobs, light switches, walls, etc following CDC guidelines with medical grade cleaner.

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