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Bodywork Options

Physiotherapist massaging male patient w
Swedish Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

"..sorry, knot sorry'

Trigger Points are hyper irritable knots in a muscle that elicit  a referred sensation. They can limit range of motion and mobility, leading to an inactive or under performing muscle. In general, specific manual manipulation of trigger points can lead to reduced pain and increased mobility. Often used in conjunction with traditional deep tissue massage, the goal is to increase circulation and relief of sore muscle fatigue. It is often considered painful but effective work.  An initial session is used to discuss your specific issues/goals and to begin work on the surface issue. Subsequent sessions are usually necessary as we work as partners towards your increased body awareness, increased range of motion and reduction of discomfort. You'll get a better understanding of your own anatomy in relation to your pain and a chance to make healthy knowledgeable  changes.

60  Minutes $100

90  Minutes $130

2 hours        $195

Deeep Tissue Massage

Massage "A LA Cart"

This is the session you want, if you've ever wanted specific, attentive work done but ended up with a generic formulated massage. A quiet combination of FBRM (swedish), cross fiber friction, skin rolling and trigger point work. Sorely Kneaded's Deep Tissue Massage is geared towards whatever your specific needs are and is generally not as intense as a full Trigger Point Session. 

60  Minutes $100

90  Minutes $130

2 hours        $195

Therapist treating injured knee of athle


Full Body Relaxation Massage

This is as close to a traditional Swedish Massage as you'll get at Sorely Kneaded. Long slow deep strokes are used to help increase your body's rest and relaxation responses! Before drifting off take part in defining your ideal session by choosing the music that suits YOU best, and requesting areas of tension that might need a little more attention.

Add on: Exclusive Essential Oils direct from Palo Alto California's Essentique!

60  Minutes $100

90  Minutes $130

2 hours        $195

Essential Oil Add On $20

(blends and scent availability may vary )

Sports Massage

warm up / warm down

Most sports injuries are addressed with either a Deep Tissue or a Trigger Point session. Whether your pre game is a piano recital, or a marathon, pre event warm ups  or post event "wash out's" involve stretching, and an overall invigorating massage including tapotement, effluerage and petrisage. 

60 Minutes $100

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