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Couples Massage Classes
Take your healing home.

 Learn valuable techniques to help you and your partner continue the healing process from my studio to your home.  The 2 or 3 hour one-on-one hands-on class is tailored to the needs and goals of both you and your partners* body. Those goals are discussed prior to your class via intake forms and pre-class discussion (just as it is for my massage sessions).

Whether those goals are simple relaxation technique or addressing specific issues, you'll gain a solid skill set to build upon. Gather a better understanding of muscle makeup and movement, repetitive stress, trigger points and referral pain, and how that all pertains to YOUR specific needs. Stretches and even yoga postures are often discussed.  

*either of a pair of people engaged together in the same activitiy.

Couples Massage Class Review:

"We went to see Maeva for a couples massage and to learn how to better take care of each other’s bodies. Maeva showed us expert techniques we could use on one another and taught us how to listen to each other’s muscles. She is such a great communicator which makes her an excellent instructor. We also appreciated that Maeva was hands on and would work on us and then allow opportunities for us to work on each other. We still use her techniques several months later. Highly recommend it!"

(AA and CRS) ( 2024 )

A calm and smiling woman receives massage therapy.

Classes are 1 on 1 & taught in studio. You will each give and receive an integrated massage with focus on specific issues. Learn to create a practical setting that allows you to give and receive massage effortlessly. Address basic areas of discomfort using a mix of Trigger Point therapy, facilitated stretching, dry massage & Swedish massage. Learn to communicate effectively to ensure you are both avoiding injury while giving & getting your needs met. Mat, pillows, towels and oils are provided

2 hours $300

3 hours $350

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