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Back Massage


Dynamic Physical Therapy

When Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Therapy just  aren't enough. I have rented from and been a patient of Meredith Franczyk and her staff consistently since early 2018. They are my go to for any issues that I am unable to address or fix on my own. I love their individualistic approach to my care, their warm presence and the affordably boutique atmosphere.  They also do Dry Needling which sadly, is out of my professional realm of expertise and something they are really good at!


Essentique has been my TOP personal care product line go-to since before its official opening. Their products maintain a consistently high standard, as they are all made in small batches. Their products are the ONLY ones that I want to offer to my clientele and I am beyond happy to share them with you.

Essentique was born out of the passion to help you discover your own natural beauty. Best natural skin, hair and body care products are locally handmade in our Palo Alto-based lab in small batches, using the finest natural and plant-derived ingredients. Unveil clear skin and healthy, shiny hair with our line of artisanal beauty products. Visit us at our boutique in Palo Alto to experience our full product line for yourself, or shop with us online. Here you can find clean beauty and skin care and hair care products with highest standards in terms of choosing ingredients that are fresh and not harmful to our health and planet. We have an extensive selection of lotions, creams, facial cleanser, facial toners, facial serum, facial oils, shampoo, conditioners, hair masks and hair treatment products.

WE BELIEVE the ingredients used in natural skin, hair and body care products should primarily come from nature, and the processes for procuring these ingredients should maintain their purity and do no harm to humans, animals or to the earth. These natural skin, hair and body care products should nourish the skin, hair, scalp and body by using sustainable and biodegradable ingredients and environmentally sensitive packaging.

We have been voted Best Beauty Supply Boutique in Palo Alto CA by Palo Alto Weekly Readers!

The Fine Arts Building

art • music • culture • wellness

I was genuinely ecstatic to find space in this building. Sorely Kneaded and The Fine Arts Building is, as many of my regulars will tell you, a match made in heaven. I and my practice share similar vibrancy. A slow walk through these halls will delight you with a hint of opera, piano and violin. It's walls are adorned with the artworks by many of its residents. Because of this many healers have found this place to be a welcome solace for our clientele.

An historic, landmark building, filled with extraordinary creativity.

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