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After many years as an international sales manager in Silicon Valley, Maéva Braxton left her job in 2001 to pursue her dream of being more available for her young children and of becoming a massage therapist. Now a seasoned professional, she has been practicing massage for 22 years. Her training includes educations from Palo Alto Ca, Cupertino Ca. and most recently, an additional 600 hours of education through  New School of Massage Bodywork & Healing in Chicago. 
Although she is trained in Swedish, Sports and Clinical Deep Tissue Massage, her specialty is Trigger Point Therapy.
Her massage experience includes 3 years for a Chiropractor in Mountain View Ca and two 3 year contracts at both Apple Inc. and FileMaker. She has maintained a prosperous independent business since 2005 in Palo Alto CA and Mountain View Ca. and Chicago IL.

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